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Your office desk is your second home, so it should be a place of inspiration and reflect your personality. A reasonable arrangement of your desk will make you more focused and more efficient to complete your work.

If your work requires you to sit at the desk for long periods, you may spend most of your time at the office desk rather than at home or anywhere else. If you love your work enough, sitting at your desk for a long time may sound good, but it is still worth exploring further on office table decoration ideas about how to use such a small space to maximize your efficiency and productivity.


We summarize three key points on aesthetic desk decor ideas: How to build, organize, and decorate your desk effectively to create a space that helps you focus on your work, and that makes you feel satisfied with what you are doing. 

Add Green Elements

Having potted plants in our office or home office is beneficial to our health. Plants can purify the air and also soothe our mood. 

Some studies have shown that keeping some green plants on the desktop can moderately regulate our work pressure, reduce anger, improve concentration, and increase our work efficiency. 

Practice Minimalism

A tidy space helps you avoid decision fatigue. Having lots of stuff on your desk will bring constant stimulation to your brain and make you easily distracted. 

Similarly, it’s easier to lose important documents or you may end up spending more time looking for what you need. Be conscious and selective about how you organize your workspace. 

If you have many decorations on your desk, consider replacing them regularly once a week instead of putting them all on your desk at once. 

Focus on Functionality

Keep things simple and practical for the items you use all the time. Some desktop essentials include a computer, a keyboard, mouse, calculator, and a small fan

If you are an aesthetic enthusiast who likes to work under soft lighting and enjoy a warm and comfortable atmosphere, you also need an atmosphere lamp and the Bluetooth Poison Speaker.

 Lofree provides you with a full range of office desktop products to make your desk look more practical and beautiful. 

Design your Lofree space

Lofree helps you to design your office desk in a way that suits who you really are. When your workspace looks beautiful and neat, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to focus on being more productive.

Why get one piece when you can get the full set? Lofree has designed more than a few beautiful mechanical keyboards. Design your office desk with Lofree and our mouse sets, calculators, desk lamps, portable speakers, and more!

Get more desk decoration ideas from Lofree. Buy our desk accessories series to improve your concentration, creativity, and productivity.

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